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Solo Ad Escape (WSO Special)

Kevin Fahey

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On October 28, 2016
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Forget Solo ads... Brand New Method to Get Traffic/Leads/Sales

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If you’ve been around the IM arena for any length of time, there’s no doubt you’ve heard about solo ads…

Maybe you’ve bought some in the past or maybe you’re buying them today.

There may even be a few people reading this that make their living selling solo ads…

Often touted as the best way to make BIG money online, solo ads often fall short…

Very short.

Whether you’re buying solo ads to build your list or selling solo ads to other marketers… there is a MUCH better way to earn a consistent 5-figure income online.

So, what’s wrong with the Solo Ad Industry?

wrongAren’t they the best traffic source known to Internet Marketers since $.01 Google Adwords clicks?

Unfortunately, no…

When I started in IM several years ago, you could find some really high-quality traffic with solos, but unfortunately, things have changed…

Quality traffic with solos is getting a lot harder to find.

Today, you’re killing it if you can turn a positive return on your solo ad traffic…

It’s nothing like when I started…

The Internet Marketing Industry has changed a lot!

I could spend $100 to buy 400 clicks…

Of those 400 clicks, 200 would opt-in, and I’d almost always make my money back and many times turn a profit.

How many times would you rinse and repeat that?

You bet… as many times as you could, right?

And believe me… I did.

I was buying solos every single day and building my list up FAST!

More and more people heard about the“AWESOME” traffic source known as solo ads, so I became a solo ad vendor myself from 2010-2012 to take advantage of the growing opportunity.

It was good money…

I was consistently earning $10,000 or so per month… month after month…

Then, things started to take a turn for the worse…


Competition increased and my return on my investment decreased

Click Through Rates

Click-through rates plummeted – People stopped opening emails


Sales from solos decreased


My reputation started to go downhill… and fast

I remember at one point being told I could not promote a launch because the product owner did not want my solo traffic hitting his stats…

Sure, I could deliver 1,500-2,000 clicks, but the amount of sales versus clicks would negatively impact his conversion numbers and potentially discourage other JVs from promoting his offer.

I was really bummed and saw the writing on the wall…

I knew I needed an escape… and fast!

safesignAnd escape I did…

I went from making $10,000 per month selling solo ads to earning $20,000-$30,000 per month consistently by escaping the solo ad “rat race” in just a few short months…

I decided to document it all in my new report called Solo Ad Escape…

It’s my “tell all, behind closed doors” account of how I entered the business, made good money, and ultimately left the business and really started killing it doing some things you may have never heard of before…

Solo Ad Escape will show you how you can escape solo ads (or avoid them entirely if you’re just starting out) and start banking 4 and 5 figure months in no time…

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside Solo Ad Escape…

The exact steps you can take to replace your job (or solo ad business) and begin earning $10,000, $20,000, or $30,000+ per month in just a few short months…

How I built my solo ad business and why solo ads are not what they used to be (an insider’s point of view that you won’t hear from most of the gurus)

The right way to brand your online business for success from day one and which social media platforms you must use to succeed in the IM arena

The 12 Facebook groups you need to join if you want to make the best connections in the IM world and maximize your ability to find JVs and affiliates

Revealed! The perfect sales funnel that will enable you to build your list and turn a profit at the same time… simply rinse and repeat your way to 5-figure months

No product of your own? The free resources you should be using to come up with a product idea that is guaranteed to sell and attract affiliates in 15 minutes or less…

How to create you product in a matter of hours (not days or weeks) even if you’re a complete newbie (using free tools)

Don’t want to deal with product creation, building a website, or writing sales copy? No problem… You’ll learn the fastest, most-effective secrets to outsourcing everything

Traffic, traffic, and more traffic… The exact traffic sources I use in my business and how you can get all the quality traffic you ever wanted for as little as a penny per click… yes, those one cent clicks still exist!

My main traffic source for the past 3 years that allows you to only pay for traffic from only top-tier countries, pay only when you get a lead, and pay AFTER you’ve received the traffic – This alone is worth WAY more than the price of this report!

Here’s some of the results I got!

Here’s What Marketers Are Saying About Solo Ad Escape…


Branden Pierce

Internet Marketer


Josh Baldock

Online Marketer


Naidy Phoon

Wanna escape the solo ads industry? Kevin shows you many,many more profitable alternatives – illustrated with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. This is a no-fluff, straight-to-the-point guide. As always, Kevin doesn’t disappoint. Two thumbs up from me!

Naidy Phoon


Lucas Cepeda

I had the chance to take a sneak peak at Kevin’s fantastic new product. Being a prolific list builder and ex solo ad seller myself I can vouch for Kevin’s insights, strategies and techniques. Not only have I used some of them before with great success but I recommend some of them myself! The tips on how to increase conversions or build a buyers list alone are worth GOLD! Kevin did a fantastic job explainin in detailed step by step what to do so that even newbies with no experience can use his system to succeed with list building! This is without doubt an excellent course to read and IMPLEMENT! Do this and you will be successfull! Well done Kevin, well done!

Lucas Cepeda


Why You Owe It To Yourself To Get Solo Ad Escape Today…

If you’re not making the kind of money you want to be making online, Solo Ad Escape will give you a behind the scenes look at my successful 5-figure monthly online business…

No stones are left unturned, and you’ll get everything completely uncensored, so you can take it and apply it today!

If you’re tired of spinning your wheels and you’re looking for the right way to build your business… (not outdated methods or theory), then you need to get Solo Ad Escape today!

This is the same information I teach many of my high-dollar coaching students, and you’ll get it a price that anyone can afford…

Act Fast Today & Get Access For Just $97 / $47 / $27


Plus, When You Get Solo Ad Escape Today,
You’ll Also Get My Marketing Results As My
Gift To You For Taking Action…

Bonus # 2 – My Marketing Results

  • The EXACT method I used to add over 10,000 subscribers to my list in less than 2 weeks
  • How I personally earned over $30,000 in commissions with a pay per lead program in 30 days…
  • How to get other marketers to build your list for you for free… I generated 3,124 FREE leads using this method
  • The bests software and tools to use for setting up squeeze pages and split-testing your offers and landing pages
  • Why you should be split-testing, and how even the most technophobic newbie can start split-testing today
  • Split-testing results from over 150,000 visitors so you can see exactly what works and what doesn’t…
  • Discover the absolute best autoresponder to use in your marketing business
  • How to get the most bang for your buck from JV Zoo…
  • The free tool that allows you to setup a sales funnel from scratch in less than 3 minutes…
  • The worst time to launch a product and how to know when those times are
  • Watch over my shoulder videos and proof of everything!

Bonus # 3 – Exclusive Facebook Group

Full Of Active Members Helping Each Other Succeed

Bonus # 4

A 28-Page PDF report that reveals the 6 Ninja Methods and how to implement them right away into your email marketing business and a video overview that reveals how I’ve built a 5 figure monthly business with email marketing.

Of Course, There’s No Risk With My 30-Day “Love It Or
Get Your Money Back” Guarantee!

Get access to Solo Ad Escape today along with the exclusive bonus, and if for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide the content isn’t worth the tiny price tag, simply shoot me an email, and I’ll refund every last penny of your tiny investment…

No questions asked.

The only risk you take today is waiting…

Waiting to get access to the information that will finally show you how to build a solid 5-figure online business.

Not to mention, the price will go up and this product is not going to be available forever…

Don’t miss out…

Get Instant Access To
Solo Ad Escape Today…

After you click the button below and enter your payment information, you’ll receive instant access to Solo Ad Escape and the special bonus, My Marketing Results.

There’s no waiting, and you can get access even if it’s 3:11am…

Click the button below
to get started now!


Kevin Fahey


PS –You get to see inside every nook and cranny of my entire online business and learn exactly how I make $20,000 – $30,000+ each and every month… The best part?

You’ll learn EXACTLY how to do it too…

Get access to Solo Ad Escape today!

Forget Solo ads... Brand New Method to Get Traffic/Leads/Sales
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