Easyhits4u is a 1:1 traffic exchange. A traffic exchange is a website which will send visitors to your websites, referral or affiliate links. In return you will have to visit websites of other members.

Easyhits4u works on a credit based system where you will earn 1 credit for viewing a website. There are 3 things that you can do with the credits you earn. You can either assign them to your website to get visits directly to your website or you can convert the credits in to text ad or banner ad impressions. The text and banner ads are shown to members throughout their website.

What does it takes to sign up ?

Signing up to Easyhits4u is free but they also offer paid memberships. Obviously paid memberships come with some benefits. Let’s talk a little about the free membership first.

As a free member you get 1 visitor to your website for every website you visit at Easyhits4u. You can have up to 15 active links to your websites and a maximum of 3 splash pages. The conversion rate for credits is 1:25 for banner and 1:50 for text impressions.

Whereas as with paid membership your surf timer is decreased to 10 seconds which is 20 seconds for the free members. You get up to 5000 bonus credits at sign up depending on the upgrade and up to 1000 credits, 5000 banner and 5000 text ad impressions every month.

You can have unlimited links in your account as a paid member and you get a better conversion rate when converting credits to banners or text ad impression which goes up to 1:50 and 1:90 for banner and text ads respectively. You also get random referrals added to your account and the best part you get to keep these referrals after your paid membership ends.

Premium memberships cost a minimum of $7.95/month. I know its a little expensive but it is totally worth it.

How much do I earn ?

As I have already said above Easyhits4u is not going to pay you much, what you earn from this site is to be considered as a bonus. The real cash you are going to make is going to come from the referrals that you get using Easyhits4u.

With Easyhits4u you will earn $0.30 for every 1000 sites you visit. The most sites I have surfed in a day is 250. There is a slight chance that you might be able to surf 1000 sites in a day. But that is going to take a lot of time.

Minimum Cash Out Limit ?

The minimum cash out limit is $3, you can cash out using either Paypal or Payza and payments are made within 5-7 business days.

Referral Program ?

They have a five tier referral program (10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%). It means that you’ll receive 10% of hits earned by people whom you’ve directly referred, 5% of hits earned by people referred by your referrals and so on through 5 tiers! You also earn $0.10 for every user you directly refer who surfs at least a 100 websites.

Upgraded members earn more credits from their referrals. They even earn from the their referrals on the sixth level. The referral plan is clearly explained in the picture below, you can click to enlarge it.

Easyhits4u Referral Program

Click to Enlarge

Accepted Countries ?

Users from all countries are currently accepted at Easyhits4u.

Payment Proofs

I have not reached the cash out limit myself but I did manage to find a very recent payment proof from Easyhits4u on the internet. I am really close to the cashing out myself and will be uploading my payment proof real soon.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange



Easyhits4u Payment Proof August 2014


My Experience

I want to begin by saying that Easyhits4u is one of the best traffic exchange on the internet. You don’t earn much directly from the website but it will help you earn more in a number of ways.

You can promote almost anything you want on Easyhits4u which includes your website, referral link or a squeeze page. Referral links and squeeze pages related to making money or getting more traffic tend to do better on Easyhits4u as they appeal to the general users.

Normal users on Easyhits4u are either looking to make money or get more traffic. I realized this after wasting hundreds on credits promoting an paid eBook which had nothing to do with getting traffic or making money.

Now one thing that I have noticed is that banners tend to do better than text ads or website visitors for 2 reasons. One, they catch the users attention because of their placement in the middle of the surf bar. Two, you get more views for banners then you would get directly to a website.

For example 100 credits will only get you 100 visitors to your website but with 100 credits you can get 2500 views to your banner. The Click through rate (CTR) is not going to be high for your banners my banners tend to have a CTR between 0.50%-1.00% but the conversion rates are really good.

I have gained more referrals on Easyhits4u than any other way. If you manage to refer a few people your life is going to get even more easier as you won’t have to surf for credits anymore. You can allow your referrals to earn credits for you. After referring a few people to Easyhits4u all you have to do is just sit back and enjoy getting referrals on autopilot.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Did you find the review helpful ? Want to add something to the review or share your payment proof please comment below.

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