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Super Simple Scraper



Still struggling to get targeted traffic for cheap?..

Watch How I Harvest Boatloads of Targeted Traffic  From hundreds of Websites Within Minutes…

PLUS:“You can Get This Traffic For Pennies to a Dollar. No more Waiting For Landing Pages To Get Approved or Spend Sleepless Nights Worrying A Facebook Ban”

Imagine… If You Have Thousands of High Traffic URL’s Dominating the top Bids For Just A Few Pennies..How Much Money Do You Think You Can Make?

Dear Hardworking Marketer,
If you have been struggling to drive traffic to your offers ( CPA, physical products, digital or for that matter even your own products) then… I have some news for you.

First, let me tell you the bad news“! You are leaving a lot of money on the table by copying your competition! I think by that you already guessed what I am about to say. If not then read on….

Most of your competition is focussed on getting traffic from PPC & Facebook. But heck, the game has changed. PPC requires approvals on landing pages, traffic is unaffordable for small marketers.

Facebook– Let’s face it..what was once considered to be an affiliate friendly platform are terminating accounts of innocent affiliates like you and me left, right and center without notice .

But is there any solution that will give me targetted traffic for pennies!”

I can hear what you are thinking because just like YOU I have been a SILENT VICTIM of these traffic sources in the past.

But I had enough of it and once I made a switch to pop-up traffic there was no looking back because I had more control and I wasn’t at the mercy of Google or Facebook’s hard-and-fast tules.

Heck, ever since I made the switch I have been only looking forward to get paycheck after paycheck just like these:


A few years ago I was a struggling marketer fed up of Google Panda and Penguin updates and then I decided to switch over to paid traffic

But by then the paid traffic game had changed. PPC was not as easy as creating a simple landing page and driving traffic. Facebook worked for a while but as you know they always share a love-hate relationship with affiliate marketers like you and me.

I remember clearly the first time I managed to drive traffic for pennies to a CPA Offer & got a return of 40% ROI. But it was not PPC. It was not through Facebook.

It was through PPV (CPV).

One of the big reasons why pop-up marketing works is you get more space to pitch your message just as the way you see the pop-up AD at the RIGHT….

So how can you bank big with PPV traffic? 

Long Story short –  This is why, I created this nifty PPV tool!

In PPV Marketing, finding high traffic URL’s or targets for your campaigns is more important than split-testing dozens of landing pages.

But it can be an extremely time consuming task if you try to do the process manually. Just Imagine..trying to search, sort, format URL’s, removing the duplicates and repeating the same steps over and over again for every keyword and Niche?

This can EASILY take up hours of your time! 

And… as the saying goes “Time is Money”!  Your time is better spent on the other important tasks like monitoring, optimizing & scaling your campaigns. Don’t you think?

With my Software in your arsenal, the game changes and rest assured you can dominate PPV Marketing EASILY like the PROS in just 3 SIMPLE STEPS


 Enter Your Niche Keyword & Country


  Harvest Targetted Traffic from Search Engines


  Get Traffic for Pennies & Within Minutes!

 And the Best Part..Works For Any Niche & For Any Country…

One Penny Traffic For Hot Dating Offer

URL’s Targeting Gaming Offer

 Free Trial Weight Loss Offer For UK

Coupon Offer Targeting Australia


 Business Opp Offer Targeting Canada

Superb..Super Simple Scraper

Just like other forms of marketing Automation is the key to suceed with PPV Marketing and that’s why I created the PPV Scraper tool to help me make more money with CPA by focussing on the most important tasks of testing,tracking & optimizing traffic sources.

Unlike other solutions out there I wanted to create a proxy-free solution without any restrictions.

When I got started with PPV most existing scraper solutions either required a proxy or had some form of restriction ( i.e you could only request data from Google for certain attempts before you could try again or else Google could penalize you by blocking your IP).

With Super Simple Scraper you don’t have to worry about either of those and just focus on harvesting.

Not Just CPA..It works For Any Offer & Niche.

The best part is.. you can use all the HARVESTED websites from the software for:

  • Digital products from Clickbank.
  • Physical Products from Amazon
  • Even for your own products  ( I use it to get more leads for my software products)

.And let me tell you an insider secret… for which most PPV gurus are going to hate me..

“You can easily build a list  of subscribers by targetting all the harvested list of websites for pennies.”


 INTRODUCING…Super Simple Scraper

  1. Scrape Unlimited Targets: Harvest unlimited website URL’s From both Goggle Organic and Sponsored results from the four major English speaking countries
  2. Easy to install & Use: Since it’s a windows based software, its extremely easy to install and
    has a user-friendly Interface
  3. View & Export : View and save both the full URL results as well as Truncated URL results ready to be used to get one penny traffic

Super Benefits

  • No Proxy & No Restrictions. No need for using Proxies. Scrape as many URL’s you want and and as many times as you want. No waiting time whatsoever before making repeated requests of Scraping.
  • Built-in Organic Scraper. Scrape Unlimited URL’s from Google Organic Scraper. It’s your choice as to how deep you want to scrape ( 5 pages deep or even 100 pages deep).
  • Smart Sponsored Result Scraper. The Sponosored Ads have the most targetted traffic and reach. You can scrape the top, bottom and right hand-side ADs of Google Sponsored Results for as many pages deep .You can also analyze which sites are spending more in advertising and target them to get traffic as software does not delete duplicated website items.
  • Scrapes Results From Over 4 Countries. Harvest Unlimited Organic & Sponsored Results for variety of Niches from the top 4 Englishspeaking countries (US, UK, AUS, CANADA)  that get the most volume of traffic.
  • Export Both Full URL & Truncated Results. Since PPV Networks require you to have the URL without the http:// or www. before you can add them to the network; the software allows you to export the truncated results (sorted in ascending order) and the full URL results (which you can use as a reference).

See what some of our early beta testers had to say:


Lite Version

1 Year of Free Updates

  •  Organic Scraper
  •  Sponsored Scraper
  •  Unlimited Searches
  •  Harvest Targets from 4 Countries
  •  View & Export Results




PRO version

Lifetime Free Updates

  •  Organic Scraper
  •  Sponsored Scraper
  •  Unlimited Searches
  •  Harvest Targets from 4 Countries
  •  View & Export Results


Super Bonuses

I think by now you have realized why you need Super Simple Scraper to help you with automation of the cumbersome task of havesting URL’s for your PPV campaigns.

But if you take action today I will sweeten the deal for you by throwing in some cool custom bonuses (some of my previously released products and not PLR)  that will show you how exactly how to monetize this traffic and also use it to build a targetted list of subs (something that I do all the time)

            Super Bonus# 1

Over 50 hot PPV pop-ups from various niches (finance like binary offers, cash loans and other niches like weight loss etc). This will give you someideas on how to create high-converting landing pages for your PPV campaigns while targetting the harvested URLs.

            Super Bonus# 2

A step by step 6 Module course that will show you how to go about building and monetizing a list for pennies with PPV traffic.

            Super Bonus# 3

A 40 Page step by step PPV guide that will show you not only how to create Profitable campaigns using PPV but you will also learn as to how to track,test,scale and optimize your campaigns.


 Full 30 days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Gain INSTANT ACCESS to Super Simple Scraper RIGHT NOW, completely 100% RISK FREE FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS! I know you are going to LOVE this software but on the off chance that it just isn’t what you thought or you receive ZERO value from it (highly unlikely)…I’ll refund 100% of your purchase today, no questions asked, no hassle and no hard feelings.
So fearlessly click that BUY NOW button right now and let’s get you started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I need to Run the Software?

This will run on any Windows machine and requires the next gen .net 4.6 full version (free). If you would like to run this on a Mac then you will require Parallels or something equivalent.

Are updates included?

The PRO version includes life-time updates while the Lite Version only includes 1-Year updates.

Are there any tutorials?

Certainly, there are video tutorials included that show how each module of the software works!

How many Computers can I install the software On?

The PRO version allows you to install in unlimited computers while the Lite version comes with only single PC install license

What If I need help with Installation?

A step-by-step installation video is included with your purchase. In fact it is advised to watch the video first before you install the software.

I still have some Questions. Where can I send them to?

You can reach us at

What’s the Refund Policy?

We offer a no questions asked 30 days money back guarantee.

P.S: So, what if you don’t want to automate the process. By all means you can go ahead and do this process manually. But then then the choice is yours. Do you want to spend more time on the cumbersome task of harvesting URLs or you would rather spend that time testing and tracking your harvested URLs to make more money?

P.P.S: I try to automate all my IM tasks to make more money for which I have created simple software tools which do the tasks that needs to be done properly. I have been using my software successfully since 2 years and as a way to help you I am making it available to you today for an extremely low price.
Best of all with my special launch pricing and money back guarantee you have nothing to Lose! So take action today and take your CPA Marketing to the next level !

To Your Success,

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