$4.97 Over and Over Again

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On September 25, 2016
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Make $4.97 Over and Over and Over Again

Do You Know How To Use The Keyboard On Your Computer?

Great! Because that is ALL you need to know in order to…

Make 4.97 Over & Over & Over!
(And no worries, it’s not selling on Fiverr)



NO Experience Needed. NO Autoresponder, List, Funnels or
ANYTHING else required! Just follow our directions, and get paid.


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Dear struggling marketer,

You are about to learn 5 unique and undiscovered methods to earn $4.97 repeatedly. They require NO experience, have no learning curve, and you will not be starting your own business.

Just ONE of these methods earned me over $8,000. Yup.

That’s a lot of $4.97’s! That’s also how powerful these 5 little unknown methods are…

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

Let me be clear here:

If you’re looking to spend weeks building out your IM business, setting up funnels, SEO, websites, ads, auto responders, bla, blah, bladdiblah, this method is not for you. Sorry.

However, if you fall into one or more of the following categories, then I strongly suggest you keep reading:

You want SIMPLE profits, not super-involved business strategies

You don’t want to “build” or “plan” or “design” anything right now. You just want to earn some ACTUAL money online already

You don’t mind trading small chunks of your time for $4.97, over and over and over


With “Make 4.97 Over & Over & Over” (yup that is the name of the course), the ONLY thing you’ll be doing is churning out $4.97 over and over and over, in exchange for your time. 

Can you handle that?


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Ever heard the expression:
“You need to have money to earn money”?

It sucks, right? In IM, you’re expected to invest in a myriad of things, like SEO, websites, subscription fees, auto-responders, squeeze pages, software, and on and on it goes.

And you’re also expected to invest a ton of time in creating blogs, reviews, etc, not to mention the time spent contacting product vendors to get review copies, cloaking your affiliate links, yap yap, blah blah, are we bored yet?

Or should I say “are we broke yet”?

Because that’s how most IM methods leave you; frustrated and broke.

And that is exactly why we created “Make 4.97 Over & Over & Over” – so you can start earning money online TODAY, without ANY cost, without ANY systems, or experience, or tech skills or anything else.

As long as you know how to use a keyboard and mouse, you can do this.

Because that’s all I knew how to do when I started doing this, and I effortlessly made thousands upon thousands of dollars from it.

“But Steve, if this is so great and you made so much money, why isn’t everyone doing this?”

That’s what I’d want to know.  Here’s why:

Up until a few days ago, when I had a chat with fellow six figure marketer Tom E, I had completely forgotten about it…

Since my $4.97 days I have become a successful coach and marketing expert, so frankly all those easy payouts became distant memories.

Back to my chat with Tom – As email marketers we found ourselves frustrated, because lately, all we’ve seen released are mostly junk courses that wastes people’s time.

Tom told me he longed for the days when IM was simple, and BOOM, just like that, it took me right back to 2013, when I was on fire with my $4.97 secret.

Long story short, we both got excited, and started testing out these methods, to make sure that they still worked in 2016. And wouldn’t you know it – they’re still just as SIMPLE and just a profitable.

Why? Mostly because I haven’t told a lot of people about the method, so it’s still very much underground.

So there you have it folks – in my opinion…

This is Internet Marketing in its purest, simplest form: Trade your time for $4.97.

(No special skills needed)

And you can do this again. Then again. And again. 

But as you know, a whole lot of NOTHING happens if you don’t take action. Meaning now the ball is in your court. I’ve told you about my system and how it works. Sound like something you want to do?

But we don’t want you to take our word for it. To show you how confident we are that you’ll be successful with this, we’re taking the risk out of it for you, and offering you a full, and unconditional 7 day money back guarantee.
So take action right now and get started today, while the price is still extremely low.

Thanks for your time today, we wish you all the success in the world.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need technical skills to make this work?
Absolutely not. All you need is a computer to watch the video training and an internet connection to start making those sweet payments yourself ☺.

Q: Will these methods and strategies get oversaturated?
Definitely not. There is plenty of room for ALL of us with the strategies taught in this course.

Q: Are there any OTOs or Upsells after I order?
Yup, there are two upgrade packages that we are offering. These are of course optional purchases – but we wanted to make them available for those of you who want to start earning faster and bigger.

Q: When can I expect to see results?
Like everything in life, you have to take action to get results. The sooner you can complete our training and implement what we teach, the sooner you will earn. Want to make 10x your investment TODAY? Then grab the course and get busy, as it is completely achievable.

Q: What if I get lost or have questions?

We have amazing support and will answer any questions you have within 24 hours. We are here to make sure you have massive success with this UNIQUE and PROVEN method.

Q: How can Make 4.97 Over & Over & Over benefit me?

By implementing the simple strategies inside this product, you can expect to make money the SIMPLE way; without having to worry about starting your own business.

Take action right now and get started today, while
the price is still extremely low:

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Make $4.97 Over and Over and Over Again
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