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Show you how to Make 10K a Month with a Single Sale!!!

With this 4-Step Automated System, I’m able to make money like this…
in the last 30 Days…
in the last 60 Days…
Multiple Sales Of $10,000 EACH
…And On This Page, I’m Going To Hand You
The EXACT SAME Proven, 4-Step System That Myself And My Students Are Using, So You Too Can Start Making Money TODAY.

From the desk of: James Presley
Location: Miami Beach
Subject: How To Make $10,000 in the next 30 days with just a SINGLE sale

Dear Friend and soon to be 6 figure earner,
Let me ask you a question…
Do you think it would be easier to make $10,000 in the next 30 days by making sales and getting just $20 each time?
By making a single sale where you earn $10,000 PER SALE ?
Obviously it’s the second option, because it requires less work and effort
Have you been struggling to find a REAL and stable way to make money online?
Have most of the products you’ve bought failed to deliver?
I bet you’re probably starting to get frustrated, and maybe even thinking about giving up.. am I right?
That’s okay. It’s actually a pretty common problem, and it’s something I’ve dealt with myself.
And if you answered yes to any of the above questions, make sure you read every word of this secret letter because…
I’m about to show you how YOU can make a MINIMUM of $10,000 in the next 28 days by making just a SINGLE SALE!

And I’m going to give you my proven, ready made system that you can simply plug and play, and start earning money from starting TODAY.

Hi my name is James Presley, and the fact of the matter is…

You’ve been lied to.

Most of those “gurus” going around telling you how make money online, have never really made any money using the systems that they’re selling.

But don’t worry…

I’m about to let you in on a little secret 4 step system that can make you a minimum of $10,000 in just 30 days.

It’s a highly guarded system that the public has NEVER seen before, because I’ve been milking this cash cow for as much as I could.

You see, this is the EXACT same system I’ve used in the last 12 months to earn over $7 MILLION. Yes…

I’ve Made Over $7 MILLION In The Last Year With The Exact Same Duplicatable System I Am Giving You Today…

I’ll tell you exactly what this is and how you can start using it today in just a moment.

As a matter of fact, you can be a complete beginner with nothing,  get started and start seeing results Like this very fast.

This simple 4 step system has

my beginner level students earning their

first real paychecks online within DAYS…

with less than 1 hour of “work” each day.
(Real Verified Student Earnings)
(Real Verified Student Earnings)
(Real Verified Student Earnings)

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“This sounds great and all, but I’ve heard all this before. How is this going to be different from all of those other systems that never made me a penny?”

Pay VERY close attention…

I’m about to let you in on the little-known truth that’s been keeping you from seeing those big paychecks all of the “gurus” have been promising you, and then GIVE YOU my ready made, ‘Single Sale System’ that you can plug into and start earning from immediately
But First…

Before Discovering This, I Was in 

The Same Shoes As You May Be In…

All you need to know is the simple formula I am about to share with you, and you can literally make as much money as you want.

The Simple Formula To Make $10,000 Per Month Online…
The formula i’m about to share with you, is how I went from zero, to making $7 MILLION last year online.
It’s all about the numbers. You just need to know your numbers.
You can either do it by making hundreds of tiny sales, or a handful of high ticket sales, or even just ONE.
$10,000 per month selling a $20 product…
You would need to make 500 sales of a $20 product, in order to make $10,000.
500 sales is a lot!
The funny thing is, is that it takes the SAME amount of effort or even or more to make 500 sales at $20… than it is to make ONE SALE at $10,000.
Why not put your effort into making a few high ticket sales or just ONE SALE for $10,000 per month?
With the single sale system, you get access to a proven, ready made system that sells high ticket products at $10,000 PER SALE.
What I’m about to reveal can take you from earning $0 per month online, to consistently earning over $10,000 per month starting right now, with just a SINGLE SALE.

Yes, By Making Just ONE Sale, You Can Make

$10,000 This Month…
This is something you can do in less than 1 hour per day, and you don’t need a website, an email list, or any previous knowledge or technical experience.
As a matter of fact, you can be a complete beginner with nothing, and get started and seeing results very fast.
The best part is… it’s totally scalable…
Last month alone, I pulled in $105,827 by utilizing the very secret that I’m about to share with you!

See for yourself…

Most of the “gurus” try to tell you that the secret to making money online is to sell a bunch of products using some kind of gimmicky trick to generate cheap (or free) traffic.
But how much traffic are you actually able to generate using their systems?
Probably not nearly as much as they promise.
Here’s The TRUTH…
You don’t need a ton of traffic to make money online!
In fact, you don’t even need to make a lot of sales!
Think about this…
Let’s say you’re promoting a product that gives you $20 profit on each sale.
If you want to earn $5,000 per month online, that means you would need to sell 250 copies of that product… every single month!
Now let me ask you this…
How many sales are you currently making per month?
How difficult do you think it’s going to be to increase that number to 250?
If you’re only making 1 or 2 sales per month, getting that number up to 250 would be pretty dang hard!
The good news is… you don’t have to sell 250 products a month to earn $5,000 or even $10,000 per month online.
You don’t even have to sell 100 products…
Not 50… 20… or even 10…
What if I told you that you could be earning over $10,000 per month online…
By making just 1 single sale per month?
Allow me to introduce you to…
There are literally just 4 steps to making money with the Single Sale System.
Here’s A Closer Look At What You Get With Single Sale System
Here’s a sneak peak at the members area:
Inside The Single Sale System, you will discover exactly how I’m making up to $16,800 from just 1 sale!
I will give you the exact 4 steps that you need to follow to sell high-ticket items online. And there’s no direct selling required on your part!
You will NEVER have to pick up the phone or sit down face to face with a potential customer to close the sale.
This is the REAL secret to online success that the “gurus” never tell you about.
Follow the simple 4 steps that I outline in The Single Sale System, and you will finally unlock the door to complete financial freedom!
Just imagine:

Sound like a dream?

I assure you that this can be your reality. All you need is my proven Single Sale System, and you’ll be on your way to living the kind of life you’ve always wanted.
When you get access to The Single Sale System, you’ll unlock the simple 4 step process that to generate over $10,000 a month selling high-ticket items online.
Forget about me making $7 MILLION last year with this exact system.
Just think about how your life will change, now that you are earning $10,000 per month.
I want you to close your eyes and picture this.
Picture yourself 30 days from now.
You look back at this day when you made the decision to get started with the Single Sale System.
You look at your bank balance, and you now have $10,000 in your bank account just sitting there.

Think about it…

how does it make you feel?
Does it feel good knowing you have $10,000 in your bank, that you can use any time you want?
What is the first thing you are going to do with your new found income?
And $10,000 is just where it begins, because when you get access to SIngle Sale System you’ll get to scale your earnings way beyond just $10,000 per month.
The sky is the limit with the Single Sale System!
And the freedom to quit your job and spend your time doing the things you enjoy most in life.
What’s that worth to you?
You can literally be up and running, making money QUICKLY!.
That’s what you want rite? FAST money?
This by far the fastest way to start making money online as well as the best LONG term system for making money forever.
This isn’t some ‘FAD’ which will work today and not next month.
This is a PROVEN system that James has been using ever since he started internet marketing and still uses to this day.
This Works, PERIOD!
And In case you don’t think you posses any of the skills to make this work for you.
Here’s what you DON’T Need in order to start making money with Single Sale System:
Here’s What Single Sale System Will Do For You :
The beauty of this system is that it’s designed with the newbie in mind.
You’ve seen the earnings of my newbie students. Most of them have ZERO experience online, and are still able to make thousands of dollars per week with Single Sale System.
And Just To Lay It All On The Line, I’m Going To Put My Money Where My Mouth Is And Make This
100% Risk Free for you!
Here’s What To Do Next And How To Get Access Right Now:
Right now, i’m releasing a limited number of Single Sale System to our subscribers and special viewers of this secret page only.
If you are on here you are either a subscriber of mine one of my close friends has shared this page with you, so you must act fast to claim your spot.
I’m kind of afraid that if too many people start doing this, it may not be as effective for you, so I’m going to limit the number of people who Get This right now.
Therefore time is of the essence.
If you leave and come back later, this page may no longer be here.
But the good news is that if the button below is still active when you click on it, then copies are still available, and you can start making money with this today.
Get Access To Single Sale System Today For 94% Off, Along With The Following
FREE Bonuses!
YES that’s right!
You get all of the above bonuses 100% FREE when you lock in your copy of the Single Sale System.
The value of the bonuses is worth hundreds of dollars and you get it for less than $10!
Lock in your spot now by clicking here
HURRY! You Have Just ONE CHANCE To Get Single Sale System At This Stupid Low Price With 7 Huge Bonuses Before I Remove This Page!
If I charged $1,000 for this system, it could pay for itself 10 times over with a single sale!
But I’m not going to charge you $1,000 to get access to this system…
I’m not even going to charge you $500…
I’ve decided that I’m going to make this available to the general public for only $497…
Yes, when I release this to the public, I’ll be selling this quality course for a minimum of $497.
BUT I’d like to gather some testimonials and case studies before I ‘officially’ launch this to the public.
I’ve decided to price this very low to begin with. If you look at the button below, it will display the current price. It’s so low that its cheaper than the price of Starbucks coffee!
For a very limited time, I’m giving a small number of action takers (like yourself) the opportunity to get access to this system right here… right now…
For just one single SMALL payment.
You’ll get to see the current price below:
Click The Button Below Now To Secure Your Spot Right Now, (Even If Its 2am!)
Remember, this is absolutely risk-free for you. I’m taking on all of the risk!
You can literally change your life with this simple 4 step system for less than you’ll spend on lunch.
And remember:
You can get instant access to The Single Sale System for just a few bucks, and get started on your journey to financial freedom today!
But you must hurry, because each time someone buys, the price goes up, so you only have this one chance right now to get this at the low price you see below.
If you hesitate, the price will go up and up and up and you’ll lose your chance to lock in your copy of Single Sale System for this ridiculously low price.
You need to ACT FAST because the price of the Single Sale System system is increasing with every sale that is made plus I will pull this page down at any time without warning
The longer you wait, the more you will have to invest. Also, I will be pulling this page down as soon as enough spots are taken.
As a matter of fact, when you click the buy button below, I can’t guarantee that it will even still be available, you’ll only know if you click the button below and are taken to the check out page which you can see below.
Here’s A Recap Of Everything You Are Getting Today:
Yours for less than $10!
Here’s what you’ll see after you click the buy button:

When you get to the checkout page you’ll be able to pay with Paypal OR your Warrior Plus balance.

When you click on the checkout button, you’ll then be taken to Paypal (if you chose to pay with Paypal) where you can make your SECURE payment via Paypal OR credit or debit card, as you can see below.

Once you make your secure payment, you’ll automatically be taken to our members area where you can start setting up your Single Sale System money making system!

Click The Button Below Now To Secure Your Spot Right Now, (Even If Its 2am!)
See you on the inside,
James Presley

Show you how to Make 10K a Month with a Single Sale!!!
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