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Ted Katz

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On October 8, 2016
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See Ted's Live Case Study that Makes him $1,481 Dollars in Just 6 Days.


“Before using this, I had never made ANY money online…

But after a little test, I was able to 
make money like this in just a few short days…”
$1,418 in just 6 Days…
This Funnel Is PROVEN To Make Upto $255 Every Day
$119.44 and $245.76 PER DAY Consistently…
$225.38 The Next Day…
$245.76 and $174.79 After That…

Then $184.93 and $101.94 The 

Day After That…

And On This Page, I’m Going To Give You

The EXACT SAME Proven System I Am
Using, All Ready Made and Done For You
So You Can Copy and PROFIT!
From: Ted Katz
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Subject: How You Can Make Money TODAY
Dear Frustrated Marketer,
Yes you read the above correct…
On this page, I’m actually going to give you my READY MADE, proven funnel that has made me $1,418 in the last 6 days…
…AND which is making hundreds of dollars every single day as you saw above.
I’ll tell you more about that in just a moment…
But let me get straight to the point.
You’re here because you want to make more money, am I right?
Have you been trying to make money, but haven’t yet found a system that actually works?
Are you like I used to be, just lost and confused not knowing where to start when it comes to making money online?
Are you almost ready to throw in the town and give up, like I almost did?
Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions, make sure you read every word of this secret letter because…
This Page contains the secret that WILL finally make you money, and in as little as 6 hours from now.
..Because I’m going to give you the EXACT same system I am using to make hundreds of dollars per day…
All ready made and done for you…
Want to skip the boring sales letter below and get instant access for 50% off instead of paying full price below?
Hi, my name is Ted and up until a few weeks ago, I had been struggling for YEARS to make my first sale online.
As a matter of fact, It has been almost 6 years of struggling and failing.
BUT recently after getting some solid advice from a trusted millionaire internet marketer, I managed to go from making ZERO to over $1,418 in just 6 days, with a SIMPLE yet effective, newbie friendly system.
And on this page i’m going to give you the exact system , all ready made and done for you, that I am using to make hundreds of dollars per day, so you can copy and profit from without having to go through the trial and error like I did for years!
But only if you qualify…
I’ll tell you more about the system in just a moment…
You may be able to relate to my story.
I actually got started with this whole ‘make money online’ thing back in 2010.
I was determined and willing to do anything to get out of the situation I was in.
When I say situation, I mean literally about to commit suicide from depression and hating my job. I hated my life. I felt trapped.
Have you ever felt like that? Like nothing is working for you?
I just wanted a good life for me and my family.
I wanted to experience the things in this world. I wanted to live life without having to dread waking up every morning.
Can you relate?
I used to spend hours every day online, browsing forums, watching youtube videos and buying WSO’s in hope that I would find a way to replace my job income and get out of the situation I was in.
I spent 6 years doing this and a few months ago, I was seriously on the verge of giving up…
I was ready to say..
 F**K this Internet make money bullshit, it doesn’t work…..
Please excuse my language, but I had enough…
But by a mere coincidence, I met a guy in a facebook group, who turned it all around for me and got me to where I am now.
I had seen this guy online for a few years, and heard a lot of good things about him, but never spoke to him…
I heard that he was an internet millionaire, so I figured I had nothing to lose by messaging him on Facebook and asking him for his help.

Here’s the short chat 

we had…
I couldn’t believe he actually replied to me…
And to my surprise, he asked me to give him a call!
This 30 minute call Changed My Life…
Anyway, I called him and we had a 30 minute conversation.
What he told me on this short 30 minute call was mind blowing.
He made it so clear and simple. I couldn’t believe I had never thought of this myself.

I realised that I had been wasting my time buying all the ‘gurus’ products over the past few years…

Jani basically told me this.
In order to make money online, you just need to put a targeted offer in front of targeted buyers. That’s it!
He said It all comes down to the following 2 things:
Traffic + Conversions
I told him that I don’t know how to get traffic or how to get a targeted offer.
The next thing Jani did blew my mind, Check this out…
This is where it all started to turn around for me.
Jani sent me his ready made funnel.
It took me minutes to set up, and then I used the traffic method he told me about, to simply send traffic to this funnel…
Here’s what happened…
Here’s the actual convo between me and Jani as I started making sales…
Within less than 6 days I went from years of failing And making no money…
To Making Over
 $1,418 In Commissions!
$1,418 in just 6 days
I Could Not Believe It!
Just imagine 6 days from now, you have an extra $1,418 sitting in your bank account.
Would that make a difference to your life?
And then you kept making that kind of money every week.
Imagine hundreds of dollars per day coming into your account just like this:
What would you do if you had even an extra $200 per day come into your account?
Would that make a difference in your life?
I used to think I need to make $10,000 per day and my life will change…
But even a few hundred dollars extra per day is making a HUGE difference in my life.
I’ve only just started and I know that I’m going to scale this up to thousands of dollars per day very soon!
I had spent 6 years trying and failing at so many things, but after trying this super simple method that Jani gave me, which I’m about to give to you…I’m making hundreds of dollars every single day on complete AUTOPILOT.
All It Takes is Approximately 18 Minutes To Set This Up this READY MADE System, Then The Money Comes In on 100% Autopilot
The way this system works is so simple that after you set it up, you just leave it and let the money come in.
Anyway, this letter isn’t some sort of ’sales page’ designed to sell you something.
I simply put this page together because after seeing great results with this the first time, I spoke to my mentor Jani and we decided to let other struggling newbies use this exact same system.
So we spent 2 weeks putting this together and packaging it up to make sure that any newbie can simply use the same system and start seeing results with FAST.
We’re Giving You The EXACT Proven System I’m Using To Make $1,418.32 Every 6 Days, And Hundreds Every Day…
So with that said, I’d like to introduce you to…
You Literally Just Copy and PROFIT
Copy and Profit is the EXACT same funnel that Ted is using to make hundreds of dollars per day with.
It’s all Ready Made and Done For You!
There are literally just 4 steps to making money with Copy and Profit:
Not only does Copy and Profit make you hundreds of dollars, even thousands per day…
Copy and Profit also builds you a HUGE list, fast!
Copy and Profit was made with the BEGINNER in mind.
Usually, people who sell you products , show you how to do things, then you have to go and do it yourself.
Here’s a closer look at what you get with Copy and Profit:
With Copy and Profit , we’ve done it ALL for you!
It’s a ready made money system that is PROVEN to make money!
You’ve seen the money that Ted made in the first few days of testing out the Copy and Profit system.
Here’s a reminder of the results ted got by using Copy and Profit in the first few days…
You can literally be up and running, making money QUICKLY!.
That’s what you want rite? FAST money?
This by far the fastest way to start making money online as well as the best LONG term system for making money forever.
This isn’t some ‘FAD’ which will work today and not next month.
This is a PROVEN system that Jani has been using ever since he started internet marketing and still uses to this day.
…And you saw the results Ted has been getting.
This works, period.
 And Incase you don’t think you posses any of the skills to make this work for you. Here’s what you DON’T Need in order to start making money with Copy and Profit.
Here’s What Copy and Profit Will Do For You:
The beauty of this system is that it’s designed with the newbie in mind.
Like I said, I am still new to all of this and I don’t know anything technical, yet i’m still able to make up to $1,928 in 6 days and hundreds of dollars every day in extra spendable income, on complete autopilot.
And just to lay it all on the line, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and make this
100% Risk Free for you!

Here’s What To Do next And how to get access Right Now:

Right now, i’m releasing a limited number of Copy and Profit to Jani’s subscribers and special viewers of this secret page only.

If you are on here you are either a subscriber of Jani’s OR one of Jani’s close friends has shared this page with you, so you must act fast to claim your spot.
I’m kind of afraid that if too many people start doing this, it may not be as effective for you, so I’m going to limit the number of people who Get This right now.
Therefore time is of the essence.
If you leave and come back later, this page may no longer be here.
But the good news is that if the button below is still active when you click on it, then copies are still available, and you can start making money with this today.
 Get access to Copy & Profit today for 93% off, along with the following
FREE Bonuses!

YES that’s right!

You get all of the above bonuses 100% FREE when you lock in your copy of Copy & Profit.

The value of the bonuses is worth thousands of dollars and you get it for less than $10!

Lock in your spot now by clicking here

HURRY! You Have Just ONE CHANCE To Get Copy & Profit At This Stupid Low Price With 8 Huge Bonuses Before I Remove This Page!

When I release this to the public, I’ll be selling this quality course for a minimum of $97.

BUT I’d like to gather some testimonials and case studies before I ‘officially’ launch this to the public.
I’ve decided to price this very low to begin with. If you look at the button below, it will display the current price. It’s so low that its cheaper than the price of Starbucks coffee!
Click the button below now to secure your spot right now, (even if its 2am!)

Each time someone buys, the price goes up by 10 cent’s, so you only have this one chance right now to get this at the low price you see below.

If you hesitate, the price will go up and up and up and you’ll lose your chance to lock in your copy of Copy & Profit for this ridiculously low price.

You need to ACT FAST because the price of the straight outta fiver system is increasing with every sale that is made.

The longer you wait, the more you will have to invest. Also, I will be pulling this page down as soon as enough spots are taken.

As a matter of fact, when you click the buy button below, I can’t guarantee that it will even still be available, you’ll only know if you click the button below and are taken to the check out page which you can see below.

Here’s A Recap Of Everything You Are Getting Today:
Yours For Less Than $10!
Here’s what you’ll see after you click the buy button

When you get to the checkout page you’ll be able to pay with Paypal OR your Warrior Plus balance.

When you click on the checkout button, you’ll then be taken to Paypal (if you chose to pay with Paypal) where you can make your SECURE payment via Paypal OR credit or debit card, as you can see below.

Once you make your secure payment, you’ll automatically be taken to our members area where you can start setting up your  Copy & Profit money making campaign!
Click the button below now to secure your spot right now, (even if its 2am!)

See you on the inside,

Ted Katz

See Ted's Live Case Study that Makes him $1,481 Dollars in Just 6 Days.
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