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Dear Struggling Marketer,

I’m going to show you a quick and easy method, that you can use, in the next few minutes, to start milking serious money from the web INSTANTLY.

It’s the same method that I used to take me from depressed office worker to director of my own online marketing company.

If you’re currently stuck and have failed to make any real money online…


Because I have been there, done that, AND got the T-shirt.

And you shouldn’t feel bad for your lack of success up until now, because it’s really NOT your fault.

There are too many unscrupulous marketers out there peddling shoddy products that promise the world but don’t deliver…

Too many fake gurus offering THE “magical method” that is FINALLY going to make you RICH.

I know all about it, because I used to be YOU!

I used to spend hours scrolling through the Warrior Forum looking for the latest WSO that was going to line my pockets with cash and change my life.

I used to spend every last penny I earned buying coaching from so-called IM “gurus”.

And none of it got me anywhere until I devised my own method, that actually WORKS!

So, stop wasting your time scrolling through the never-ending stream of shiny new objects that pop up daily on Warrior Plus.

Stop pouring your hard-earned cash into the bank accounts of the fake gurus that promise everything and deliver nothing.

It’s time you started making REAL money with a REAL system that REALLY works.

But before you start trying to guess what this system is about…

Let me tell you what this is NOT

My guaranteed system nothing to do with the following:

This is a never-seen-before method that I’m only rolling out to a select number of buyers to begin with via my top, most-trusted affiliate partners. We are handpicking who gets to see this method, because we do not want imitators flooding the market and diluting our brand.

To cut a long story short, I had been banging my head against a wall for many years trying to make money online. I had blown all my money on products and coaching and had nowhere else to turn. Although I didn’t have any money, I was not prepared to give up on my dream of making a sustainable income online.

I sat up every night after finishing my crappy day job, working on different methods until I finally came across this.

I was so excited when I saw the first dollar come in from this method. Although it was just $1, it proved to me the method actually worked and had potential. All I had to do now was scale it up. Forget 10X, I needed 500X!

And that’s EXACTLY what I was able to do over the following months of daily hard work.

Anyway, what I’ve done is put together a set of step-by-step videos for you that show you the entire process and the steps I took to start averaging $1,063.91 a week.

You’ll be able to follow the exact steps that I took, to make $4,517.72 last month, to see results yourself.

You’re looking for that one thing that’s going to finally get you to where you want to be right?

Well this may be the luckiest day of your life so far…

You’ve Just Stumbled Across EXACTLY What You’ve Always Been Looking For

What we have here is the answer you’ve been looking for.

Believe me…I already make a great living from implementing my method, from my digital marketing agency, real estate and other business interests. All of which allows me to make 5 figures a month on autopilot and travel the world while doing so.

So I really don’t need the money from selling a $7 information product. In fact, I’d be happy to give this away for free, but research has shown that people only value and use things they have invested something in themselves. So the $7 price tag is just a symbolic gesture, so you are invested in the product. Ever noticed how those people who get stuff for free, usually lose it very shortly afterwards?! Yeah, well then you understand this principle.

However, although the money I make from my method is by no means my main source of income, for you the money you can make with this could provide you with a very nice 5 figure income.

Every so often I stumble across a new way of making money, and because I see there are so many people on the Warrior Forum and other internet marketing forums I visit, who really need a way to make money, this is one of those RARE times I am willing to share one of my methods with you, so you can finally start making money.

As you saw in the video above, I am able to make an average of $1,063.91 every single week.

That’s $4,255.64 every

SINGLE month!

And the method only takes around 20 minutes PER DAY to implement.
Make no mistake about it…this is one POWERFUL method, if implemented correctly.


And the method only takes around 20 minutes PER DAY to implement.
Make no mistake about it…this is one POWERFUL method, if implemented correctly.


A Quick & Easy Way To Make Serious Income By Exploiting Previously Untapped Traffic Sources

I could give this away for free, but as I said before if you get something for free, you won’t put in the right amount of effort.

Here’s What I’ve Got for You

In summary, the way CPA Cash Cow works is by you tapping into super laser targeted traffic from a HUGE free traffic source…and promoting an affiliate offer to that traffic.

So that means you You DON’T Need Your own product.

Here’s What Else You don’t need:

We’ve put together a set of step by step videos that show you exactly how I make $1,063.91 a week with this method!
The traffic you’ll be getting is SUPER targeted and full of buyers that will make you money, plain and simple.

That’s how I am able to MILK $1,063.91 a week in CPA commissions using this exact method.
And remember, you don’t even need your own product, You’’ll see what we’re talking about inside the videos.

Summary Of How This Works:

As you can see there are only a few simple steps to this whole process. All you have to do is go to the free traffic source (that we reveal inside the course), select a high converting offer, send the free traffic and watch your affiliate commissions roll in.
This is a very simple but effective method. Anyone is capable of executing this method to make a real full time income, including you.
Please remember – You must take action to make this method work and to ensure you create the lifestyle of your dreams.

Here’s what this will do for you:

This uses the same method that some of the big boys are using to pull in up to $100,000 PER WEEK

This just does it on a smaller scale.

Therefore, $200 per day is COMPLETELY ACHIEVABLE for anyone who implements the method properly…regardless of skills, experience of expertise.

AND Once you start making money, you can scale this to whatever income you want!

Remember – Anyone Can Do This…Including YOU!

Here’s What Some Of My Current Students Are Saying:


“Wow! I can’t tell you how amazed I am with the $1K CPA Cash Cow course. I’ve bought lots of shoddy info products in the past and failed to make a single penny. The courses were confusing and poorly put together, but this one is totally different. Fred explains everything in complete detail and most importantly it really works. I’ve made $1350 in my first month of following the course!”

David Baxter, Leeds, England


“Thank you so much Fred. With the $1K CPA Cash Cow, you’ve put together a fantastic tutorial course. I learned so much from the videos and the amazing amount of free bonuses too. I had had some minor success with other courses I bought in the past, but nothing like this – within the first 2 weeks I am already up over $500. I’m going to continue implementing what you teach and keep increasing my earnings. Thank you again!”

Jennifer Burton, Baltimore, USA


“The $1K CPA Cash Cow is an absolutely excellent course. I was starting from a very low base, as I didn’t have any prior experience of CPA marketing or using free traffic. I had low expectations as I had failed with poor quality courses in the past. But I was amazed when, after following the modules, I started to see over $180 a day in commissions!”

Janette Martin, Wellington, New Zealand


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So, upon purchasing the CPA Cash Cow, you’ll have a chance to join a private members only webinar where all members will get the chance to fire over any questions to me relating to the methods taught in the course.

On the webinar we will be going through the exact method once again and showing you exactly how this method can make you serious cash if followed correctly.

We’ll also have a special guest who is an Internet Marketing expert who is sure to provide even more value and content.

I personally charge alot for private consultations, so please be assured you are going to get a lot of actionable content for free!

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Access To A Selection Of World Class Products

I have collected a bunch of world class products from various marketing friends, and they have agreed I can give these away to my new members which is fantastic. Every product has helped me make money over the years so I’m confident you’ll love these!

All products will be available in the download area of the members area.

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Access To Our Private Facebook Group

Yep, thats right. You will gain instant access to our private members only Facebook group.

Inside the group the members share tips, tricks relating to the current product on offer and future releases from us! Remember success drives success thus hearing positive stories can only drive us further to succeed!

Real World Value – $997

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Does My Purchase Come With A Guarantee?

Now, I’m super confident your going to see results with the $1k CPA Cash Cow.

But I completely understand if your still hesitant about making the tiny investment.

So for that reason I’m going to let you try out the system for 30 days.

This is all because I have full faith in my system and that you too can generate over thousands per month if you FOLLOW the system and TAKE ACTION.

If your still not happy, simply send me an email to our support help desk and we shall process a refund!

However, with that said – PLEASE TAKE ACTION! We are confident you can make this work!

Here’s What To Do Next:

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So time is of the essence!

This is an extremely LIMITED and TIME SENSITIVE OFFER

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Fred Barton

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