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Lighting fast product creation help you create fast lighting product ready to sell and make money instantly.

 “Warning: Do Not Read This Unless You are Frustrated as Hell with Internet Marketing”

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up in the morning to check your affiliate accounts after utilizing the latest Facebook, Google, or Youtube method only to see double zero’s…

Then…frustrated, confused, and ready to quit you check your inbox and a new course shows up that promises the internet lifestyle only with less effort than the course that just failed you…

Or maybe you have purchased course after course(that all contradict each other)only to have nothing to show for it except ridicule from your friends and significant other.

If any of this sounds familiar, I am going to show you how to put an end to the above.

And explain why it’s not your fault…but the fault of a flawed business model.

But first, a little about my experience with affiliate marketing.

I first got interested in affiliate marketing back in 2006. It was the tail end of the Google 1 cent clicks where a yard ape could make money. I read a lot of courses but didn’t do anything.

Then, the mortgage industry collapsed and I ended up at a job I wouldn’t wish on anybody, working for a shady corporation, selling online advertising that didn’t work…and cold calling  from 9 am to 7pm every day.

So that motivated me to start my affiliate marketing empire.

So I made a few affiliate sites…started backlinking them like crazy, and
had my first $100 day in June 2009.

I eventually had some sites make $1,500-$2,000 per month on autopilot…

Then one day in late February 2011, I woke up and checked my rankings
like I did first thing every morning…and my top sites were nowhere to be found!

That was the Google Panda slap…and it was the Internet Marketing equivalent of a layoff notice.

Then I decided to take my business to Youtube…and I started making money again and got easy rankings…but then Youtube would take down some videos without explanation…including a video that was paying my rent every month.

I’m not trying to create a sob story here…I am just trying to convey the fact that:

Affiliate Marketing as currently taught is a
Flawed Business Model

And if I had not created my own little $7 product while doing my affiliate marketing,
I would be back at the dreaded 9-5 job with a boss with a clip on tie telling me what to do.

Here is why Affiliate Marketing as currently taught is a Flawed Business Model:

1.You are Building Your Competitor’s Business.

Here is something these other courses haven’t told you:

If you are in the same niche as somebody else…and they aren’t sending you their traffic, then they are your competitor.

Of course the smart product owner is going to pay you 60-70% commission because they know that Traffic generation is the hardest and most time consuming part of this business…

And they are happy to have you do all the grunt work spending all day driving free traffic or racking up credit card bills with paid traffic while they are out on the Golf course or at Happy hour.

They don’t care if you spend more money on Facebook advertising than you make…they still get the sale AND the buyer lead to market to over and over(the REAL way to do affiliate marketing)

You are building their list(aka their business) for them…a Buyer’s list…which is vastly different than the list an affiliate generates…if they are listbuilding at all.

2. The Often Recommended Approach of Listbuilding Doesn’t Work

First off, an ugly truth: if aren’t building a list, you simply won’t make it in this business. The math simply isn’t in your favor with direct linking. Just being honest.

BUT… you need to build a list. More precisely, a buyers list. Not a list of freebie seekers.

Anyone who has tried the usual give away a free report in exchange for an email address will tell you it doesn’t work.

Here’s Why:

It is basic psychology that people don’t value something the get for free. So most people won’t even look at the Free report.

So when you send them an email, they don’t open the email as they don’t know who you are.

So what happens is people go broke fast driving traffic to a squeeze page…or they get frustrated with free traffic because after a month, they only have 400 subscribers and made $100.

Here’s another secret:

People Don’t Buy from Affiliates. They Buy from Those

They Perceive as Experts.

If you have your own product…even a $10 product all of a sudden you are the expert and people will trust your recommedations when you email them an affiliate promotion.

And they will open your emails and buy from you(as long as you provided value which I teach)

Who would you be more likely to take advice from…some random guy on the Warrior Forum…Or somebody who has successfully created their own product?

3. Affiliate Marketing is Much More Work Than Simple Product Creation

Would you rather be the one driving traffic…or the one sitting back and having
the traffic driven to you?

This is exactly why Affiliate marketing is more work than simple product creation.

With product creation, you do the work once up front…with a few tweaks here and there. With traditional affiliate marketing, you are constantly chasing traffic.

And with the way I teach it, you can be up in running in the next few days with the hacks I show you.

4. No JV Opportunities with Affiliate Marketing

When you are an affiliate, you really have little chance of partnering with someone with a big list because you don’t have any leverage.

As a product creator, even a $10 short report, you have leverage to contact other product creators to do a JV…or even better, other product creators approach you.

I’ve made $25,000 in one week due to such a partnership…all due to a simple $7 product of mine…and I didn’t go begging and pleading him to send me traffic.

He was a big time marketer and he contacted me due to my little product.

Just one of these partnerships can change your business literally over night. No joke.

5. An Affiliate Only Receives a Percentage of the Profits

Even if it is higher than 50%, by nature, the affiliate has to drive traffic and that costs money.(No such thing as free traffic)…so the math is flawed to begin with.

If you decide to pay for traffic as a product creator, you get 100% of the profit instead of 60% and have a MUCH better chance of turning a profit.

So as you can see, if you haven’t made any money or been able to quit your job yet,
it isn’t your fault.

The affiliate business model you have been taught along with the dozens of different strategies and courses is flawed to begin with and you deserve to know the truth.

And the Truth is: Those who make it big in this business have their own products.

So f you are looking for the true path to passive income…

If you want to simplify and stop spinning your wheels trying 5 or more different business models…

And if you want to build a REAL, Google proof business as opposed to a bunch of income streams that can be taken away at any time, then I would like to introduce you to:

“Lightning Fast Product Creation”

In Lightning Fast Product Creation you’ll discover

  • The Magic “S” Technique Apple Used to Save Themselves from Certain Bankruptcy      (and why it should be the foundation of your business.)
  • How to Build a Real business that is immune to Google algorithm changes.
  • How to create a hot product that sells in the time it takes you to read all of the sales letters in your inbox today.
  • What Niches are profitable…and which ones to stay away from.
  • Why Product creation is actually easier and less work than affiliate marketing.
  • Why you don’t need to be a guru with a big list and fancy graphics to earn big.          (Proof: This page has zero graphics)
  • How to Stop Buying Products…and Start Selling Them!
  • Affiliate Marketing the Right Way(AKA write email-click send)
  • The fact that you Already have a product inside your head…and how to bring it out.
  •  Why Info Product creation is the most profitable business model in existence for the average Joe and Jane(and has been since the early 1900’s) 
  • How to build a passive income the right way.
  • A secret hack that can get your product created in 48 hrs…the Lazy Way.
  • A little known $2.99 book that can send your sales through the roof!

And much more!

To Make This a No-Brainer, I am going to Throw in the Following 2 Bonuses for the First 100 Customers Only:

1. My PLR Secrets Course-PLR is a great way to have your own product but most do it wrong. This 9 video course will show you additional ways to get up an running quickly.

2. Set and Forget Traffic– This 3 video course will teach you how to get all the traffic you can handle. Once set up, it is basically set and forget.

Why am I giving all of this away at such a low price? Because I am confident that once try my products you’ll like them and will want to try my other products and look forwarad to reading my emails.

It’s just smart business.

Still not convinced? Check out what others have said about my previous products:

So I’ll leave you with this:

The difference between being an affiliate marketer and a product creator 99% of the time is the difference between some extra spending money…and a full time income.

To your success,

Mark Dickenson

Lighting fast product creation help you create fast lighting product ready to sell and make money instantly.
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